Management Authority

Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat guarantees the reception, control, filtering and attribution of external acts, additionally providing support and organisation, with particular reference to the Supervisory Committee, to the partnership processes, planning, periodical and fluid reporting, compliance with Community and national legislation, and the alignment of the procedures.

As a partnership body, the Technical Secretariat has the responsibility of acquiring and highlighting the contribution of the Partnership in the NOP R&C phases of preparation, implementation, supervision and assessment as set forth in Article 11 of Reg. (EC) 1083/2006. It also takes part in the checking of the Programme, its advancement, and the assessment of the strategies adopted in its implementation.

The Technical Secretariat takes part in the works of the Supervisory Committee of the NOP R&C and follows the works of the other Supervisory Committees of the NSF 2007-2013, also representing the Management Authority.

Reference person: Paola Fragomeno






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