The NOP R&C consolidates the gradual path of transparency and information through the publication of the “Open Data” section dedicated to transparency. It contains data on the projects and beneficiaries, made available for reuse, as well as all the information providing clear evidence of the results of Programme management and implementation.

With an Open Government logic, the various administrative bodies focus on communication and dialogue with the public, opening up to direct, participated discussion. The NOP for R&C chooses the open model and the use of new information and communication technologies, with data and information available and usable to guarantee transparency and sharing.

Through the activation of the Open Data section and the publication of all the information on financial management, checking and the implementation results of the Programme, the Management Authority fully opted for a strategic approach shared on the Community and national level, guaranteeing respect for the increasingly strict regulations on transparency which are applicable in this area.

The approach adopted by the MA is in line with the concern expressed by the Minister, Mr Profumo, regarding the transparency and accessibility of scientific data, and with the European orientation stated in Horizon 2020, the European research programme which clearly states the principle according to which the results of research produced with public funds must be freely available online.


Last Updated: : 15/05/2014
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