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To enact the 2007-2013 programming, MIUR and MiSE have allocated the available funds towards the measures listed below. All measures are interconnected to provide a synergic response to the demands of innovation and growth in the Convergence regions.

 MIUR measure

Industrial Research

Industrial Research projects for the innovation of Convergence business services and products enabling them to become more competitive.

Available funds: € 1,000 Million

Projects funded: 153

Hight Technology Districts and Public-Private Laboratories

Projects for the specialisation and integration of skills in research, innovation and enabling technologies, to respond to the country's needs and excel on an international level.

Available funds: € 915 Million

Accepted projects and co-financing: 50

Feasibility studies: 42

Structural Improvement

Projects for the improvement of new research structures and laboratories in Universities and Public Research Organisations.

Available funds: €  650 Million

Projects funded: 46

Smart Cities and Communities

Projects for the improvement of the services and the quality of the communities we live in through research and technology.

Available funds: € 200 Million

Projects funded: 8

Social innovation

Projects developed by young people responding to social needs through innovative ideas.

Available funds: € 40 Million

Projects funded: 56

MiSE measures

Guarantee Fund (Access to credit)

With this fund Mise helps micro, small and medium enterprises to  gain access to bank finance for business investements and liquidity requirements.

Available funds:  € 150 Million

Projects funded: 1

Development Contracts

A means of facilitating significant investments for the improvement of the Country's industry, particularly in the South.

Available funds: €  490 Million

Projects funded: 4

Technological Innovation

Mise funds interventions relating to strategic innovation by means of tenders that provide incentives to the business system for the implementation of programs in high technological research, development and innovation business sectors..


  • Call for Reach
  • Negotiation procedure - Law No. 46/82 TIF
  • Rolling Call for Applicants NOP - Law No. 46/82 TIF
  • Call for Start-up - Law No. 46/82 TIF

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Available funds: € 383.000.000 

Projects funded: 118

Innovativative investments

A means of facilitating the investments towards the industrialisation of qualified experimental research and development programmes, competitive improvement and environmental protection by the small, medium and large enterprises.

M.D. of 6 August, 2010:

  • Call for Industrialisation
  • Call for Innovative Objectives

Integrated "Sustainable development" Action
Integrated "Digital Innovation" Action


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Available funds: 493.300.000 euro

Projects funded: 15

Business creation 

Mise supports the creation and start-up of small entrepreneurial activities by the unemployed or those seeking first employment and promotes the creation of new enterprises or the growth of existing enterprises.

Law No. 185/2000
Entrepreneurship and Self-employment


Available funds: 131.400.000 euro

Projects funded: 1261


A scheme that brings labour demand and supply closer together by placing individuals seeking employment (resident in the Convergence regions) in businesses providing professional training.

Work and Development 4 (W&D 4)


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Available funds: € 60 Million

Improvement of industry

  • Integrated Package of Incentives (IPI) for Innovation

  • Integrated Package of Incentives (IPI) for Networking

  • L 488


Available funds:   268.400.000 euro

Projects funded: 584

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